Sunday, May 30



Why the hell do these things exist? They serve no purpose that cannot be replaced by a period, or comma and (, and). The State seems fixated w/ them. They were flung at random all over our English EOC. It was crazy and stupid. (they wouldve put: The State seems fixated w/ them; they were flung at random all over our English EOC.)

*sigh* but thankfully that's all over. But i have yet to receive my report card so im kinda nervous. im pulling a 98 in that class, but i think i got a 90 or so on the exam, so there went my 4.0. Same deal w/ comp app. (a class i could teach, btw) The teacher is (or should i say WAS (aaah it feels good to say that)) incompetent. She was computer illiterate, and.. she was just plain stupid. if anyone takes computer app make sure you dont get her.but im pulling a 97 in there, and need a 95 or higher on the FUCKED UP VOCATS, on which i think i also got a 90, so.. that sucks as well.

The good news, i think i aced my Algebra II exam :D

huh? oh yeah.. semi-colons. I hate them; they suck. heheh


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