Sunday, May 23

More stupidity from the bowels of America

The Boston Herald reported that two Avon, Mass. police dispatchers nearly blew themselves up in a freak accident. While driving along, one of them tossed out the window a lit firecracker that was blown back into the vehicle and then ignited the other fireworks. The blast blew out the windows, tore a hole in the floor, took off a piece of one of their legs, and nearly ripped the roof off the Jeep

the only thing that keeps me from loosing all hope in the gov't and trying to install a state of anarchy is the fact that they were not on duty or in a police car when those dumbasses did this. That is plain stupid. THEY WERE BREAKING THE LAW WHEN THEY WERE DOING THIS. This is a pathetic and avoidable level of police corruption. They should be fined, jailed, and dismissed from teh force for that act of stupidity. *sighs*


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