Sunday, June 20


Ok, I'm back. At least for now. I'm keeping a real journal for my own uses now. So I won't type here unless I have something to say.

And lucky for you, I do.

Some people annoy the fsck out of me. Yes, it's true. Calm, composed Ivan can get annoyed. I know. Strange new world.

First this is the first time she's tried to talk to me in months. She uses AOLuser speek, which, in short, is annoying beyond all belief.

She starts off asking whether i'm still "dating that grl i tlkd 2 b4" And so the insuing nightmare of a conversation follows where she asks annoying questions and I reply with internet deadpan (you figure it out). And so I wait for my chance to end this conversation, and it happens. Somehow she makes a semi-intelligent post about worrying about times and appearances. So it begins:

Opgeven says: well there ya go
spitfire says: yep
Opgeven says: worried about times, appearances, and all that man made shit that only makes people's short time on earth insufferable and miserable
spitfire says: well yeah
spitfire says: it does but loosing friends makes crap too
Opgeven says: why?
spitfire says: if u r all alone u have nothing to enjoy
Opgeven says: why is the human a social animal. it makes no sense. the last thing i want to do is to spend my time with another smellyn ignorant carbon-based water filled life form that reeks with teh pungant smell of stupidity and feces
spitfire says: then y r u on im
Opgeven says: that is where my argument breaks down
spitfire says: exactly
Opgeven says: well that makes my next move so much easier
Opgeven says: good bye

Then I blocked her >=D

That, my friends, is how to "Play someone like a fiddle"

Brad's reaction:

BdG says: Gr8!!! Genius, genius!!!
Opgeven says: thank you
BdG says: *claps*
Opgeven says: *bows*
BdG says: *snorts*

I'll be along later to post some pictures of my phone.

Oh, and I'm back.

Friday, June 18


Bah, go away. I'm sleepy. I'll write something later.

Thursday, June 17


Today we had eye exams at drivers' ed. i got restricted to my glasses while driving. I think by one letter. It was a D or an O, and I just couldn't tell. That really really sucks. And I don't want any comments from you guys. none. Save them. cause, dammit, I don't need them to see road signs and whatnot. I can see the signs fine in plenty of time to react to whatever the signs says. ><;;

Thinking about though, the 2 years of infraction free driving shouldn't be too hard because I'll be at NCSSM those two years, and I'll only be home 1/4 of the time. heheh. Oh, I might be at NCSSM, there. Happy Meg?

My mom and dad had a meeting with Ms. George today. It was about my classes, scheduling, and some problems with my transcript. Apparently, although I've taken Algebra II and there were the test scores for my Algebra I exam, I still need to take Algebra I for some Govenors college thing or whatever, I dunno. They got my money clip for me, which surprisingly, still had my money in it. w007.

Ooops... I got caust at Albino Blacksheep =(
This was funny though


Today the dealership delivered my mom's Odyssey. I like it. Almost anything is better than the ashtray, er...Caravan.


And today I've worked worked outside for three hours or so. Weedeating the fenceline, which is just taking the weed eater (not to insult y'all's intelligence, but some of you might not know what these things
here ya go)

I had to use that to cut weeds from under the fence for about a mile, maybe a tad bit less. Then I had to do some lawn work, like moving the hoses so my dad could mow, picking up sticks, then putting them all back when he's finished. Trivial, but time consuming since I must wait on him. Then I had to take care of our sick horse Sugarfoot. She's not sick per se, but she has a gigantic gash on her leg that's in a very awkward spot, because it's way up on her leg, around her thigh, so we can't wrap it up and wish it well. We have to clean it out and put iodine on it and massage it with water. It's getting better though. I also got to fling some shit today! Oh boy! Cleaning the stalls can be SO much fun. ><;

So I finally get in around 9:00 -ish, but wait, I'm not done yet. My dad's on the computer, so I cut my hair, and when I finish that, he's in the shower, but my mom's on the computer, and when I finally get a shower and I am clothed I can get on the computer around 9:30-ish.

And I've been fscking around on the comp ever since. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm giong to bed. Good night.


Wendesday I went from drivers' ed to staples where I watched my mom fumble with the copier trying to get it to copy some handout for some p.t.a. meeting that she was supposed to have done a while ago. It was rather amusing. While I was there I got me a new 56K modem to go upstairs so that I can finally use that computer again.

From there to the tennis courts for some group lesson thing with the exhibitionists, though, when I got there the courts were covered in water. Not to be deterred I squeegied two courts in case anyone showed up (I forgot to mention I showed up early, at around 5 o clock) While waiting I got the Lob~Ster out and worked on my topspin. It's a lot better. mhm ^_^

[Break: DAMN I FEEL STUPID: I just wondered outside looking for a pepsi and locked myself out. mind you it's 11 oclock. Fortunately, though, we can always get in through the cellar and i had my watch to use as a flashlight. good thing i had my watch too, the entrance was piled high with all sorts of shit to break a shin on.]

At about quarter after six, Mr. John showed up and explained about the exhibition practice. Seems noone showed up the first week and that he just cancelled it. I'm gonna try and get Robin, Alexander, and maybe Chase and some of the other guys together and start that back up again. Mhm.

Then my mom got there and took me home and later I found out I left my money clip on the picnic table. That's ok though, cause I got it back thursday.

At home I had a bunch of chores and whatnot to do before I could get started on my fixing my modem. Well, at around 9:30 I could start. I'm sad to say it took me two and a half hours, but I had to install windoze 98 twice. Seems that was the only OS that particular driver worked with. 'Tis a pity. I also had a little keyboard - mouse fiasco because my plug and play wireless usb keyboard and mouse decided to be a bitch and not work till the second windoze install. THEN the pci slot seemed a little small and only switching some slots around and removing a piece of chip board that i didn't see before did i get the modem actually in and all my other little goodies. Then i had to install the driver twice because windoze was being a bitch and freezing. FINALLY I got the thing going and then needed to create a connection. I spent a while looking for the sheet that has all the info, such as number, username, password, server, etc. Well, turns out, dad changed the password at some point, but luckily, VERY luckily i guessed the correct one and FINALLY had my modem hooked up and running, a connection established, I.e. 4.0 (still need to install netscape 7.1, but i dont feel like it right now), and i was on the internet. w007. Unfortunately, it was know 0:00 and I was really hyper, but I needed sleep. I think I'm gonna go steal a computer from the school. Maybe they'll have a better one.

Catching Up

Tuesday: Nothing happened, at least, I don't remember anything worth mentioning, and we all know the prowess of my memory. *thinks back* Oh yeah, was really happy that night, I played with my balls for an hour and a half. Eventually they turned blue. What?! Get your mind out of the gutter, I was playing Koules


Mmmmm supper, will be on later to finish up. Yaaay Meg get's back sometime tonight.

Wednesday, June 16

Hell yeah!!

I got my new modem working upstairs, so now I can browse up there and forget about all this (Java/Javascript) shit. Something about the wee hours of the morning with computer parts sprawled across your lap and bed that makes you feel really...hyper. And I have to get up early in the morning =\ Oh well.

I haven't published much, but that's because I'm lazy. Mhm. I really should update more often though.

More to come later today.


Sheesh. I need to get off my lazy ass and publish so I don't have to go back and write about stuff that's all ready happened, but may be of some interest to someone reading this. At least, that's what I tell myself.

Monday I started drivers ed. But Monday started worse than that. I had to wake up at 9:30 to take care of Sugarfoot's leg. So my alarm clock goes off, as it is wont when it is set and I jump up to turn it off. I fell something on the small of my back so I reach back there, grab it, and intend to throw it against the wall to break its puny little neck, but before I could throw it, it stings me. The son of a bitch stings me, well, maybe he bite me, but, I dont know. It was a big bee too. About the size of the "Shift" key. Not a pleasant way to start the day.

He looked like this guy

only bigger.

Anyway, then I go out to wash out her wound and that just takes up about an hour to an hour and a half of my day everymorning and come back in time to take a shower and leave for drivers' ed late. Thanks to my mom. She has some inability to read clocks except at night when she can read them quite well. "Jacob, you need to get to bed" "But Mom, I'm running late, I'll be there when I can"

Drivers' Ed has got to be the most stupid class. It's all common sense. AND I HAVE COMMON SENSE. I don't need to be taught it. Common, gimme my eye exam and my road test and I'll be on my way, thank you.

Scouts were tonight, I took the kids outside because they were bouncing off the fucking walls. I had them throwing rope, for rescue lines and whatnot, also for Pioneering merit badge. So, they got to throw rope over the swingset. They seemed content enough.

Meg's at UNC today for some literary magazine camp thing. mhm. yeah. magazine camp.


My Yahoo account recieved an extra 96 mb of storage yesterday morning. This was right before everything turned sluggish because of the slashdotting and the attack yesterday. But thanks to the links I found in this forum I got me an email account at where it is now

It gives you a 1 gig email account, 350 MB combined storage for your pics/mp3s/etc, and a personal blog. It also has a forum, a gallery, and auctions. And it has webhosting for $9.99. You can send up to 100mb attachments I think, maybe it's 10mb. I dunno, but it's enough to send a song or two, along with gigantic bitmaps of screen shots, so that's good i guess.

Sunday, June 13


Sunday, June 13: Day Four

Today we're going home. I was awaken again in the most ungodly of ways with a finger in the eye. I don't know how or why he does that, but his excuse is that he's trying to rub my head. I don't know, I just know he won't be doing it again. No French Toast or waffles this morning. So I had about two or three hashbrown patty things. Good enough, I reckon.

We were packed and on the road by nine, and we haven't stopped until lunch, save one time at a rest area. At lunch we stopped at another rest area, though this one had picnic tables and whatnot. Sandwhiches and pepsis and then back on the road.

We've had to stop for gas twice since we left, as opposed to once on the way up here. And I do believe the quality of the roads has worsened since Thursday. I was going to write about today sooner, in West Virginia, but the road was so rough the laptop was not atop my lap at all, but rather 2-3 inches in the air at anytime. Needless to say, I couldn't read either, not without dying my book an ugly yellowish brown color. So, I slept. Now [break: "Jacob? Got your can of cristo read yet?" "no"] let me set the record straight. I love sleeping. I don't however, love sleeping after I've woken up and been awake for a few hours. Also, I don't love sleeping in the/a car, I absolutely detest it. It is most uncomfortable and although it passes the time like nothing else, it passes the time in an uncomfortable dream state filled with terrible dreams of weird stuff and bad movies. But I slept none the less. I woke up on a smooth road. So I automatically new I was in virginia and almost home, so I hurried and logged on to the laptop to finish the trip summary. I wrote this sentence. I then wrote this sentence. I inhaled. I pressed the shift and alt keys consecutively for five minutes to no purpose. And I shutdown the laptop as we near my house.


Saturday, June 12: Day 3

Again, from the laptop on the way home.

This morning I had French Toast, or should I say, Freedom Toast. No waffles =/

Today we went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to see their museum and monuments. Lots of different, interesting ensignias. My favourite was the Beagle Squadron's. It was a beagle with a suit, tie, monocle, top hat and cane. He was leaning on a cane that was piercing a swastika and holding a wineglass that had a bare chested woman beside an olive. Oh, and I think he was smoking a cigar, too. I can't remember. Either that, or one with a devil surrounded by flames throwing a bomb like Zues would throw a lightening bolt. I can't remember which group it belonged to, though.

There were at least a hundred or two planes to look at. the earlier planes were very similar looking, but the earlier engines for those planes were beautiful and unique. Cause, I mean, there are only a couple of ways to do a biplane. The modern plane hanger was exceptional though. I was very dissappointed at the paint job of their one and only F16. It was a show plane. Painted gaudily for air shows and fly overs at sports stadium. I wanted to see it in steel grey showing its power and might, not its showmanship. Oh well. The SR-117 was a wicked, wicked plane. Fastest mass produced military plane there is. I mean, that thing was awesome. Looked a tiny bit like a space shuttle, but seeing how they fly in the upper limits of our atmosphere I can understand why. Another plane worthy of mention was the B2 bomber. Huge, absolutely fscking huge. Stealthy too. I wanted to find a tour guide to ask about the radar absorbing materials and angles, but one wasn't to be found =/

Their missile exhibit was down as a well, which was too bad because I wanted to see a Tomahowk and a Harpoon, but alas, that was not to happen.

From their we went to a dilappidating Wendy's. Or maybe they were just renovating, who knows. Then we went back to the room for a while and just chilled until we went to supper at Steak and Shake again. I got their Chicken Frisco Melt thingy. It was all right I reckon. And cheese fries!

Then to the room where we got some tennis racquets, tennis balls, and a basketball and we went out to their "sports court". Let me describe their sports court:

Piece of Shit. Let me explain the description of their sports court. It was in the size of a doubles tennis court, but instead of having a doubles court, they just bordered the singles court. The court itself was made of plastic. It had little square holes in the plastic so it would drain, but wouldn't bounce. I had to smash the ball with their shitty racquets to get it to bounce waist high. Now the racquets: shitty. Let me explain, one of the frames was snapped in half at the "Y". both of them needed restringing and the ball was flat. But it was fun anyway. Really it was. Though you may not be able to tell that by my pessimistic description. I was just describing the inhibitions that hindered our ability to have maximum fun. [laughs his ass off as he types this going down the road b/c his brother changed the channel to oldies where "Love Slap" is plaing] I forgot to mention that my brother and I went swimming before playing tennis.

We went in, watched Field of Dreams and went to sleep.


Friday, June 11: Day Two

This morning I was awoken in the most ungodly manner. Before 12 and by being poked in the eye. Mhm. Thanks Dad. I'm writing this on Sunday on our way back home; man, I love laptops. The drawback is that my brother is playing some Northern country music, which, is just plain wrong. It goes against nature. Anyway, back to Friday. The hotel offered some weird breakfast buffet thing, so I made me some waffles :D Then my dad and my brother went to UC to get the tickets to the graduation that they never collected at the door. *shrugs* Must be a Northern thing. After that we went to the Aquarium. Nice place. The last 5 exhibits are the only ones worth mentioning.

The rive otter "habitat": Simply put, I want an otter. They are fun loving, cute, and they like swimming. Again, I want an otter.

The aviary: Yes, yes I know, but they still had an aviary, even though it was an aquarium. Was just a bunch of bright colored birds. They would light on the top of bamboo shoots and then slowly the bamboo would droop until the bird had landed on someone's head, or they fell to the floor and repeated the act. Some of the workers would get them on their hands and let us common folk touch them; we were forbidden otherwise. One of the birds was licking his handler's hair. He claimed it was the salt in his sweat, I told him to swich hair gels.

The shark tunnel: Simply put, I don't want a shark, although, one of those sea turtles they had in there with the sharks wouldn't be too bad. It was cool though, it was just a glass tunnel that went through the shark tank. Very cool.

The jelly fish tanks: bah, it was just one of hte last five exhibits. It was just easier to say last five than to say the last 3 and the 5th to last.

The penguin habitat: need i say more? And in case you havent guessed it, i want a penguin. A gentoo to be more precise. There was this one gentoo that was swimming with his nose pressed to the display glass so that he was looking at us and swimming in place. I wanted him. I know it was a him because of his orange co--because of his armband. They waddle, and, unlike other animals that waddle, such as the five hundred pound, two legged land cow,, [heheh, i nested commas] they looked good doing it. They could pull off the waddle without looking stupid. Again, I really want a penguin. bad.

Anyway, taht was all that was notable at the zoo, and from there we went back to the hotel for lunch of sandwhiches. From there to Cincinatti itself to walk around campus before the graduation. At around 5 we were all starving so we went to Champs Sports Bar. good place to eat. good food. they even had a playstation 2 near our table we could play while we waited, which we didnt do long because the place was desserted. I had pasta; i bult my own: Angel hair pasta with tomato sauce with beef tips, chicken, and salmon. It was excellent, as opposed to my pasta last night. everyone else shared appetizers. pah. They couldn't handle real food i reckon.

From their to the graduation. it was...boring. and surprisingly, very informal, despite the clothes. The attitude was like a ball game: "Terresa Davis--" "HELL YEAH!""GO TERRESSA" *WHISTLE* "WHOO""--with her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology." "WHOOOOO". We were thinking of things to say when Matt was called. I was in favor of barnyard noises, while my dad wanted us to yell "Get-ir-done" Of course, we just clapped with a polite "whoo" or two. Was funny though, there were three people who were called out consecutively Nailer, Hole, and Hung. You can imagine the hilarity insueing in our little corner of the "ballroom" that they were holding the ceremony in. Anyway, after the graduation we snuck in with the graduates to go to the rooftop for pictures. My dad had the zoom on high so all the pics he took were blurry from where he couldnt hold the camera still.

From there we went to Steak and Shake for ice cream. They had cheese fries, or rather, I should say, I had cheese fries. And a milk shake!

From there to the room where we went to sleep without doing anything special.


Thursday, June 10: Day One

Today I have been in the Yukon for an ungodly amount of time. We left a little later than the original 6:00, but still, we left before 8. My little cubby in the Yukon wasn't that bad. With enough pillows and blankets I was able to create quite a comfortable corner. I read The Count of Monte Cristo, or as my brother so eloquently put it, "The Can of Moldy Cristo", to pass the time and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I loved the abridge version, though at the time i was reading it i was unaware that it was abridged, and the unabridged version is just as good, if not better, no wait, it is better. It's excellent. I recommend it to y'all; Meg, Mark, Jeremy: read it. Anyway, Virginia and West Virginia went by without a fuss, but not without a few tunnels, which seem to be illegal in North Carolina. *shrugs* Anyway, nothing happened until we got a little ways into Kentuck and decided to see the Kentucky Horse Park.

There, we saw, now get this, horses. Yep, at the horse park we saw horses. What got me was, everyone was calling it the "Kentucky Horse Farm" There was a sign on a barn that held plows, rakes, and other planting equipment that said, "Horse Farming Equipment" Now my mom made some stupid comment about what they had the equipment for and i said, "well since this is a horse farm, then i assume that this is for planting horse seeds taht they raise in a process called farming." Hm. Anyway, we went to this show of different breeds of the world and the most annoying woman was commentating. She wouldn't shut up and she went about the most stupid stuff in the most ignorant way possible. On a humourous side note: everyone of the female riders was named Megan. Well, either that, or I may want to go see a psychiatrist. There was some induction into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame that day for some unknown racehorse that we "attended" just long enough to get lemonade and cookies. It was supposed to start at 3:00, but at quarter after it was yet to start, so we just went to the "Hall of Champions" stable where all the former successful racehorses raised at the Kentuck Horse Farm are kept. Was funny-ish b/c they all had air conditioning in their stalls and velvet-ish halters. After we moved on i looked back and one of the horses, Cigar I think, was sticking his head out his window so i went over and petted him for a while, and he upon finally seeing I had no food tried to bite me. So, I popped his nose and he got a little upset so I just left him to his attendants. Geez, once those horses get famous it just goes straight to their heads, I tell ya. heheh. Anyway, we spent a coupla hours there and finally got in the car for Cincinatti. We're staying in a Residence Inn and Ronnie, Robin, and Dale (my uncle, aunt, and cousin) are staying in the Courtyard just up the road. Dale brought his XBox (bah) but the televisions are all A/V composite and his connecters are RGB. heheh after pouting for a while he declared he was hungry so we went to Applebees. it was horrible. I ordered Chicken Alfredo, a simple, simple dish. Somehow though, they fucked it up. It was cold and covered in tomatoes. I was tempted to send it back, but a)I was in the far corner of a very long booth at least 10 feet from where the waitress would stand if there was a waitress, but b) the waitress didnt come back for a while and I was pretty damned hungry, so i picked through the tomatoes and made the most of it. was fun though, everyone was picking on dale who's in college. Came back played some spades, they left for their hotel and we retired. Though, with my brother and Jamye with one room and my parents with one, i was forced onto the tiny little couch in our room, which wasnt so bad, if only we had some sheets. My dad called room service for some linens and he eventually had to go get them himself. Then at around 12:30 (we called at 11) they woke us up when the knocked on the door bringing our sheets. The good news: we got thirty dollars off our bill because of the wait. Ok, I must get off the laptop now, batteries are dying.

Wednesday, June 9

Re: Fw: Re: [None]

I hate the Yukon. I'm going to be stowed in a small corner the whole trip, though I will be surrounded by the food. My parents were in a rush all evening to get everything ready, and to complicate matters further 2 of our horses are lame because of eating too much red clover. The other horse has a giant gash in her leg that she got on a small piece of hardware on her stall door. The odd thing about it was, it was 5 inches long, and an inch and a half wide, but there was NO blood. None at all. Was very freaky. [squeamish don't read this part]Inside her leg looked exactly like the stuffing in a couch. Was very weird. Little spots of pink with little wisps of grey and blue strewn in. It was... very weird. And no, I am not going to post pictures. [/squemish]

This also complicated things for my grandfather, who is house sitting for us (I guess that's what you call it.)

Well, I have to get up at the ungodly hour of A.M. tomorrow, so I best cut this post short and get some sleep. I'll be sure to take my mum's laptop at the end of each day, though, to write an entry. Although I won't be able to upload, I can save them as .txt and publish them when I get back Sunday.


I've finished the website and now I would like some "constructive criticsm" from y'all. If you happen across a page of giberish, it is most likely a page for someone that I don't have info for.

Anyway, my parents are running around like chickens with their heads cut off because of this trip to Cincinatti. Ooooh our rental car is here. It's a Yukon. Gotta go.

Tuesday, June 8


Style sheets are a bitch. Bleh, so is grammar for that matter. Have been recoding the Geocities "template" to make it all pretty and whatnot, and that is tiring. Plus, I haven't had my ceffeine. I got Kyle's and Mark's pages done, though. They look nice-ish. Well, they look better. I still have to get ahold of Josh and Ben (as far as the leaders' section is concerned. I still have Quentin and Twitch in the scouts'), but if I can't I'll just publish a little scout fleur-de-lis and write it myself.

Hmmm, let's see. 4 more pages to recode and 3 more "biographies" to input, not to mention the people that I don't have data for. Oh well, no one said this was going to be easy, or enthralling =\ It's fun: in its own, special, weird way.

Oh, couldn't update earlier today b/c blogger was acting up, but, not that y'all missed it anyway =P

Ok, if I don't go to bed soon I might fall asleep on the keyboard, and that wouldn't be good. Nope, not at all.

Fw: Re: [None]

Hmm, never got around to posting yesterday, but, seeing as how nothing happened yesterday and I didnt want to bore y'all with another post of how nothing happened I didn't post. Today I have an allergy shot, joy. Will have to leave here around 4:00-ish. Although, I will get to go to Borders :D

I have half the info for the troop's website and I like how this is going to turn out. Still haven't entered it yet, but that's because I'm lazy. I also haven't had lunch yet, so I'll have to cut this post short because I'm very, very hungry.

Sunday, June 6

Re: [None]

With Megan gone to tennis camp, life around here is just a tad more dull. The good news: I'm leaving for Cincinatti Thursday. More bad news: I'm leaving at the ungodly hour of A.M. More specifically 6 in the bloody morning. More good news: We're renting a large SUV to take up there. Thereby eliminating from this trip the smell of cigarettes that is found in my mom's van. Even more good news: I'll be back Sunday, the same day Meg gets back. Even more bad news: Meg leaves for Journalism camp Monday for an unkown amount of time (presumably b/t 3-4 days.) Even more good news: Then it's two week's till I go to to tennis camp. Even more good news:Then it's a week after tennis camp before I go to Raven Knob and get to pester Mark for what little time I will actually be at camp. I'm doing RAMPAGE this year, which is basically a bunch of "extreme" activities such as splunking, waterskiing, boating, rafting, etc. Hopefully though, I'll be able to check my email that Wednesday. *shrugs* I dunno.

To keep me busy this week I will finish up the troop's website. Tomorrow night I'll accost everyone in the troop and get the necessary information and take the necessary pictures. More stuff to keep me busy: I think my dad wants me to trim the fence line (btw, that = not good)

To recap:

  • Meg's gone to tennis camp

  • Thursday I leave for Cincinatti

  • Monday Meg leaves for journalism camp at UNC

  • Two weeks after Cincinatti, I'll be at tennis camp (the week before the 4th of July

  • The next week after I get back from tennis camp (the week after the 4th of July) I go to Raven Knob

Saturday, June 5


ROFL. I knew it would happen. I just KNEW it. Smarty Jones lost the Bellmount. I knew it. I should've bet =/ It's just funny though, all those people who care less about horse racing are all excited and pulling for Jones just b/c he could've won a Triple Crown. I find it humourous.

/me walks off laughing

Concerning Trundles and Day Beds

Just got back from town where my dad and I were picking up a day/trundle bed to go in the extra bedroom. My mom has been "remodeling" that room now for about a year and she just now got around to ordering a bed. During the "remodeling", though, she somehow turned it into her office as well. Quite funny really. I'm guessing that the room I'm in now will be next in this "remodeling" I think I'll just take the compie upstairs so it won't..uh...get damaged in the process...yeah... that's it. Anyway, today has been boringly busy. Have done stuff all day, but it's all been mindless stuff. Nothing really worth getting out of bed for. It's been one long 3:45 today =/

Oh, I figured out why G3head hasn't been around lately, he's working at Raven Knob. I can't wait till 5th week and I can go and harass him. Although, I'm doing RAMPAGE this year, so I won't see him much. Hmmm, wonder where they are putting him to work.

Friday, June 4



?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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Hmm, that makes me a goddess, i reckon =\ Great, now I have the "I'm your venus, I'm your goddess, Your desiiiire" song stuck in my head.. DAMN YOU QUIZILLA

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doesn't sound very happy to me. oh well.

hmm.. i think gandalf escaped from Isenguad. im going to go now, since quizilla is being a bitch


3:45 came early today. It's rained all morning and afternoon. That means 2 things. Firstly, I was not able to embarass my dad in tennis this morning. Secondly, that he was unable to gather in the hay. On the bright side though, the pollen is gone :D Dad felt the same boredom I did and after spending most of the early afternoon playing Nascar Thunder he went to town to pick up some supplies from the local LTD. Meanwhile I'm bored out of my mind, seeing as how all of my "projects" take place outside I was unable to work on that. I need people's info for my website, which will have to wait till Monday, and Tuesday before I can get it entered in. So...I've been semi-re-watching the LotR. One of the movies my girlfriend needs to watch. Along w/ Office Space and the Matrix trilogy.

I think I'll do some Quizilla stuff now. I am that bored

Thursday, June 3


Have had a boringly boring day today. Helped my dad bale hay, not fun and pretty boring. Sat around on the computer a while, interesting, but still pretty boring. Worked outside some, ok I reckon and boring. Ate supper, good, but boring.

One thing that wasn't boring today though, was getting the DVD player to work on my archaic tv. I have a television. in my room. That's no big deal today, but back in 1995-ish when I got it, it was. Now, over the years I've slowly acquired accessories for this television. First, I inherited my brother's 16 bit Sega Genesis. Still have it, and still play it occasionaly. I love that thing. I've acquired quite a collection of games for it too:

•Sonic (Hands down, best game for Genesis)
•Sonic 2
•Sonic Classics (Sonic, Sonic 2, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine)
•Columns (GREAT game, very simple though)
•Mortal Kombat (A close 2nd)
•Jurassic Park (Coming in 3rd)
•California Games (Excellent, has 6 different games. Biking, Surfing, Skating, Skating again, and Hacky-Sack)
•Universal Soldiers (4th)
•Madden 95 (Don’t play)
•NBA Live 95
•NBA Live 96 (Don’t play)
•NHL 96 (Don’t play)
•Battletoads (Don’t ask, just, don’t ask)
•Eternal Champions (CHEAP Mortal Kombat rip-off)

Ok, that's my Sega and games. After I got this from my brother I got a fairly modern VCR for Christmas back in around 2001. This VCR was new, but had to match the old hook up style, (i.g. no RED, YELLOW, or WHITE hookups) just a single, black composite A/V which luckily matched my television quite well. Now, the tricky parts begins: attaching the Sega to the VCR to the rabbit ears to the TV. Through some sort of miracle I got the perfect combination and I was content for a few years. Then I inherited my brothers DVD player when he moved out and went to college (along w/ his room). I tried once, about a year ago to get it to work, but I just lacked the ability. I tried again an hour or two ago and after fiddling w/ some wires, station selection, video input, and a new set of batteries finally got it working. The resulting cable mess rivaling this.

Another component of this cable mess is everything I must hook up. In one outlet I have:
•air filter

In another:
•Phone Charger
•spot light charger

In another:
•window a/c unit

Last one:
•printer (non working, btw)
•wireless mouse reviever
•CD player

most of the time this stuff is off or out of the socket, but if I ever plugged everything up at once and turned everything on full blast I imagine I would trip the breaker. Hmmm... shall try that one lazy summer afternoon. Around 3:45 =P

People who know me are probably wanting to know, "Why 3:45, why not 3:42?" and I must respond to them w/, "B/C it happens at 3:45, not 3:42"

It's that time again

Yep, I am nigh approaching 3:45 and have done nothing all day. I still have to wash the dishes, clean my room, feed the dogs, and help my dad bale hay (as necessary). I guess this is why they call it summer vacation. I could get used to sleeping till 12. It's nice. I don't have to worry about the whole A.M. thing =P

I think my allergies are going to be killing me this week. After everyone has cut their hay, the pollen is just flying around in the air, clogging peoples' noses up. We need it to rain, well, as soon as all the hay is safely in the barn, then it can rain.

I guess i should go do some of my work now, so that the dreaded 3:45 syndrome doesn't hit while I'm on the computer.

Wednesday, June 2

Troop Website

It's always fun when you're halfway through something and realize it won't work :D

I've deleted everything except my front page from the troop website and have started over. Oh the woes of Geocities and lack of in depth HTML knowledge.

Anyway, a storm is brewing, and I have not the necessary equipment to stay on, so I shall leave the computer tonight feeling empty and dissappointed.


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mmmm chocolate.


Earlier today I was working on my mom's laptop that I had hijacked and fixed the wireless network on. :D She had been trying for a week or two now to configure her laptop so it would support her employers network, and I had been trying to help her some. But w/ her hovering over my shoulder going, "lick here! I know its here. NO click HERE. GO BACK! JACOB! If youre gonna work on MY laptop do as I say, now click here." "*sigh* ok mom." Soon she grew tired and left to work on something else and in five minutes I had teh wireless internet fixed (didnt bother w/ network / files) and was surfing /.

Was then stuck there for another 3 hours, during which she decided to instal Windows XP Pro. joy -_-;; that took nearly an hour w/ FOUR friggin' restarts. To steal a phrase, "oy" Oh, but I did get a milk shake from Sonic out of it :D

Back home now, and should probably be working on the troops website, but I'm going to save that till tonight when my girlfriend's playing RuneScape. heheh. Though she says she's trying to quit.

Today's Penny Arcade is the funniest. The look on Gabe's face is hilarious.

Hmm, I reckon I should go do my work outside, but I don't really feel like it =\ *sigh*

/me drags himself away from the computer to go do his work.

Tuesday, June 1

Tuesday, the first real day of summer vacation

I need something to keep my feeble, easily distracted mind busy, that's why I'm working on a website for my Boy Scout troop on Geocities. Shut up Mark, nobody asked you, it's free. I'll give y'all the link as it nears completion, b/c as of right now, it's a complete embarassment. Hopefully, I can get some ideas later own, after the tears in y'all's eyes from laughing dry up.

I just finished some masonry yesterday. My dad is having me build a little "landing" at the bottom of the steps leading off the back deck. I have one of them done, but still need to do it for the other step. I swear, if he gives me another project to do, then right about the time I finish comes up and makes a suggestion, then proceed to ruin my work, and say, "Ya know, I liked your way better." then walk off, I will go officially insane, certificate and everything.

My dad has also supplied me with several "projects" he wants me to do. Such as, painting the porch, painting the stairs that lead off from his bedroom, and painting the door external door frames. Sounds a lot like "chores" to me. Hmm. I'm building a trebuchet in there at some point, and will probably have a cookout or something to celebrate, I don't know. I think I'll work on these "projects" while my gf is away, thus relieving some of the boredom that is sure to result.

Add to that, I'm going to Cincinatti, tennis camp*, Raven Knob, drivers' ed., the beach at some point, and one week my sister (and family) will be coming up from Texas. Something tells me though, at around 3:45 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I will be bored out of my mind, if only for health reasons. Nothing ever happens at quarter till 4. It's like the world stands still.

*Ah well, this absolutely sucks. Session 4 at Brenda's is sold out. I'm still in, but this means the place is going to be packed. Damn =\. Oh well, shall still be fun.

Hm. Just realized I still haven't told y'all about myself. I figured anyone reading this would know me already, and that's probably true. Hmm. Shall save that post for one rainy 3:45.