Thursday, June 17


Wendesday I went from drivers' ed to staples where I watched my mom fumble with the copier trying to get it to copy some handout for some p.t.a. meeting that she was supposed to have done a while ago. It was rather amusing. While I was there I got me a new 56K modem to go upstairs so that I can finally use that computer again.

From there to the tennis courts for some group lesson thing with the exhibitionists, though, when I got there the courts were covered in water. Not to be deterred I squeegied two courts in case anyone showed up (I forgot to mention I showed up early, at around 5 o clock) While waiting I got the Lob~Ster out and worked on my topspin. It's a lot better. mhm ^_^

[Break: DAMN I FEEL STUPID: I just wondered outside looking for a pepsi and locked myself out. mind you it's 11 oclock. Fortunately, though, we can always get in through the cellar and i had my watch to use as a flashlight. good thing i had my watch too, the entrance was piled high with all sorts of shit to break a shin on.]

At about quarter after six, Mr. John showed up and explained about the exhibition practice. Seems noone showed up the first week and that he just cancelled it. I'm gonna try and get Robin, Alexander, and maybe Chase and some of the other guys together and start that back up again. Mhm.

Then my mom got there and took me home and later I found out I left my money clip on the picnic table. That's ok though, cause I got it back thursday.

At home I had a bunch of chores and whatnot to do before I could get started on my fixing my modem. Well, at around 9:30 I could start. I'm sad to say it took me two and a half hours, but I had to install windoze 98 twice. Seems that was the only OS that particular driver worked with. 'Tis a pity. I also had a little keyboard - mouse fiasco because my plug and play wireless usb keyboard and mouse decided to be a bitch and not work till the second windoze install. THEN the pci slot seemed a little small and only switching some slots around and removing a piece of chip board that i didn't see before did i get the modem actually in and all my other little goodies. Then i had to install the driver twice because windoze was being a bitch and freezing. FINALLY I got the thing going and then needed to create a connection. I spent a while looking for the sheet that has all the info, such as number, username, password, server, etc. Well, turns out, dad changed the password at some point, but luckily, VERY luckily i guessed the correct one and FINALLY had my modem hooked up and running, a connection established, I.e. 4.0 (still need to install netscape 7.1, but i dont feel like it right now), and i was on the internet. w007. Unfortunately, it was know 0:00 and I was really hyper, but I needed sleep. I think I'm gonna go steal a computer from the school. Maybe they'll have a better one.


Blogger Gil said...

I cannot help but to imagine your house as some wooden cabin out in the middle of nowhere...well, maybe somewhere in Kansas or another tornado-prone state where cellars are actually needed. It is understandable if you keep your gardening tools and horseshoes down there, as well as your spare plaid shirts for when you go outside and play lumberjack. It would be commendable, however, if you used your cellar to make moonshine.....I can see you now, distilling blackberries or whatever you can get your hands on in your grandmother's old washtub in the and G3head rubbing your hands together and scheming, looking all evil and everything.

And meg standing behind you, shaking her head and saying something about being stupid. But then again, she just go back from huffing glue at journalism 'camp'....silly girl, you don't have to leave home to huff glue. Just look at me!

I'm going to go put on my straightjacket now >.> be back in a week!

June 19, 2004 at 1:49 AM  
Blogger Ivan said...

No, sorry Gil, no moonshine. Well, we don't make it anyway >>;;

And yeah, I do live at the "H". (it's subtle, think hard).

Oh, where do you get your straightjackets? My old supplier just doesn't fit my needs anymore.

June 19, 2004 at 10:50 AM  

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