Friday, June 4


3:45 came early today. It's rained all morning and afternoon. That means 2 things. Firstly, I was not able to embarass my dad in tennis this morning. Secondly, that he was unable to gather in the hay. On the bright side though, the pollen is gone :D Dad felt the same boredom I did and after spending most of the early afternoon playing Nascar Thunder he went to town to pick up some supplies from the local LTD. Meanwhile I'm bored out of my mind, seeing as how all of my "projects" take place outside I was unable to work on that. I need people's info for my website, which will have to wait till Monday, and Tuesday before I can get it entered in. So...I've been semi-re-watching the LotR. One of the movies my girlfriend needs to watch. Along w/ Office Space and the Matrix trilogy.

I think I'll do some Quizilla stuff now. I am that bored


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