Saturday, June 5

Concerning Trundles and Day Beds

Just got back from town where my dad and I were picking up a day/trundle bed to go in the extra bedroom. My mom has been "remodeling" that room now for about a year and she just now got around to ordering a bed. During the "remodeling", though, she somehow turned it into her office as well. Quite funny really. I'm guessing that the room I'm in now will be next in this "remodeling" I think I'll just take the compie upstairs so it won't..uh...get damaged in the process...yeah... that's it. Anyway, today has been boringly busy. Have done stuff all day, but it's all been mindless stuff. Nothing really worth getting out of bed for. It's been one long 3:45 today =/

Oh, I figured out why G3head hasn't been around lately, he's working at Raven Knob. I can't wait till 5th week and I can go and harass him. Although, I'm doing RAMPAGE this year, so I won't see him much. Hmmm, wonder where they are putting him to work.


Blogger Gil said...

I'm going to go bug him the week of July 4th....we have plans to set things on fire, among other stuff. What week (day wise) is the one you're going up?

June 5, 2004 at 6:29 PM  

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