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Friday, June 11: Day Two

This morning I was awoken in the most ungodly manner. Before 12 and by being poked in the eye. Mhm. Thanks Dad. I'm writing this on Sunday on our way back home; man, I love laptops. The drawback is that my brother is playing some Northern country music, which, is just plain wrong. It goes against nature. Anyway, back to Friday. The hotel offered some weird breakfast buffet thing, so I made me some waffles :D Then my dad and my brother went to UC to get the tickets to the graduation that they never collected at the door. *shrugs* Must be a Northern thing. After that we went to the Aquarium. Nice place. The last 5 exhibits are the only ones worth mentioning.

The rive otter "habitat": Simply put, I want an otter. They are fun loving, cute, and they like swimming. Again, I want an otter.

The aviary: Yes, yes I know, but they still had an aviary, even though it was an aquarium. Was just a bunch of bright colored birds. They would light on the top of bamboo shoots and then slowly the bamboo would droop until the bird had landed on someone's head, or they fell to the floor and repeated the act. Some of the workers would get them on their hands and let us common folk touch them; we were forbidden otherwise. One of the birds was licking his handler's hair. He claimed it was the salt in his sweat, I told him to swich hair gels.

The shark tunnel: Simply put, I don't want a shark, although, one of those sea turtles they had in there with the sharks wouldn't be too bad. It was cool though, it was just a glass tunnel that went through the shark tank. Very cool.

The jelly fish tanks: bah, it was just one of hte last five exhibits. It was just easier to say last five than to say the last 3 and the 5th to last.

The penguin habitat: need i say more? And in case you havent guessed it, i want a penguin. A gentoo to be more precise. There was this one gentoo that was swimming with his nose pressed to the display glass so that he was looking at us and swimming in place. I wanted him. I know it was a him because of his orange co--because of his armband. They waddle, and, unlike other animals that waddle, such as the five hundred pound, two legged land cow,, [heheh, i nested commas] they looked good doing it. They could pull off the waddle without looking stupid. Again, I really want a penguin. bad.

Anyway, taht was all that was notable at the zoo, and from there we went back to the hotel for lunch of sandwhiches. From there to Cincinatti itself to walk around campus before the graduation. At around 5 we were all starving so we went to Champs Sports Bar. good place to eat. good food. they even had a playstation 2 near our table we could play while we waited, which we didnt do long because the place was desserted. I had pasta; i bult my own: Angel hair pasta with tomato sauce with beef tips, chicken, and salmon. It was excellent, as opposed to my pasta last night. everyone else shared appetizers. pah. They couldn't handle real food i reckon.

From their to the graduation. it was...boring. and surprisingly, very informal, despite the clothes. The attitude was like a ball game: "Terresa Davis--" "HELL YEAH!""GO TERRESSA" *WHISTLE* "WHOO""--with her Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology." "WHOOOOO". We were thinking of things to say when Matt was called. I was in favor of barnyard noises, while my dad wanted us to yell "Get-ir-done" Of course, we just clapped with a polite "whoo" or two. Was funny though, there were three people who were called out consecutively Nailer, Hole, and Hung. You can imagine the hilarity insueing in our little corner of the "ballroom" that they were holding the ceremony in. Anyway, after the graduation we snuck in with the graduates to go to the rooftop for pictures. My dad had the zoom on high so all the pics he took were blurry from where he couldnt hold the camera still.

From there we went to Steak and Shake for ice cream. They had cheese fries, or rather, I should say, I had cheese fries. And a milk shake!

From there to the room where we went to sleep without doing anything special.


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