Wednesday, June 2


You're chocolate. You're the old soul type, people
feel that they have known you their entire
life. Many often open up to you for they view
you as thoughtful and trustworthy. Although
people trust you, you have a hard time trusting
them. You prefer to keep your feelings bottled
up inside, or display them very quietly. It is
alright to open up every once in a while.

Which kind of candy are you?
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mmmm chocolate.


Earlier today I was working on my mom's laptop that I had hijacked and fixed the wireless network on. :D She had been trying for a week or two now to configure her laptop so it would support her employers network, and I had been trying to help her some. But w/ her hovering over my shoulder going, "lick here! I know its here. NO click HERE. GO BACK! JACOB! If youre gonna work on MY laptop do as I say, now click here." "*sigh* ok mom." Soon she grew tired and left to work on something else and in five minutes I had teh wireless internet fixed (didnt bother w/ network / files) and was surfing /.

Was then stuck there for another 3 hours, during which she decided to instal Windows XP Pro. joy -_-;; that took nearly an hour w/ FOUR friggin' restarts. To steal a phrase, "oy" Oh, but I did get a milk shake from Sonic out of it :D

Back home now, and should probably be working on the troops website, but I'm going to save that till tonight when my girlfriend's playing RuneScape. heheh. Though she says she's trying to quit.

Today's Penny Arcade is the funniest. The look on Gabe's face is hilarious.

Hmm, I reckon I should go do my work outside, but I don't really feel like it =\ *sigh*

/me drags himself away from the computer to go do his work.


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