Thursday, June 3

It's that time again

Yep, I am nigh approaching 3:45 and have done nothing all day. I still have to wash the dishes, clean my room, feed the dogs, and help my dad bale hay (as necessary). I guess this is why they call it summer vacation. I could get used to sleeping till 12. It's nice. I don't have to worry about the whole A.M. thing =P

I think my allergies are going to be killing me this week. After everyone has cut their hay, the pollen is just flying around in the air, clogging peoples' noses up. We need it to rain, well, as soon as all the hay is safely in the barn, then it can rain.

I guess i should go do some of my work now, so that the dreaded 3:45 syndrome doesn't hit while I'm on the computer.


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