Thursday, June 3


Have had a boringly boring day today. Helped my dad bale hay, not fun and pretty boring. Sat around on the computer a while, interesting, but still pretty boring. Worked outside some, ok I reckon and boring. Ate supper, good, but boring.

One thing that wasn't boring today though, was getting the DVD player to work on my archaic tv. I have a television. in my room. That's no big deal today, but back in 1995-ish when I got it, it was. Now, over the years I've slowly acquired accessories for this television. First, I inherited my brother's 16 bit Sega Genesis. Still have it, and still play it occasionaly. I love that thing. I've acquired quite a collection of games for it too:

•Sonic (Hands down, best game for Genesis)
•Sonic 2
•Sonic Classics (Sonic, Sonic 2, Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine)
•Columns (GREAT game, very simple though)
•Mortal Kombat (A close 2nd)
•Jurassic Park (Coming in 3rd)
•California Games (Excellent, has 6 different games. Biking, Surfing, Skating, Skating again, and Hacky-Sack)
•Universal Soldiers (4th)
•Madden 95 (Don’t play)
•NBA Live 95
•NBA Live 96 (Don’t play)
•NHL 96 (Don’t play)
•Battletoads (Don’t ask, just, don’t ask)
•Eternal Champions (CHEAP Mortal Kombat rip-off)

Ok, that's my Sega and games. After I got this from my brother I got a fairly modern VCR for Christmas back in around 2001. This VCR was new, but had to match the old hook up style, (i.g. no RED, YELLOW, or WHITE hookups) just a single, black composite A/V which luckily matched my television quite well. Now, the tricky parts begins: attaching the Sega to the VCR to the rabbit ears to the TV. Through some sort of miracle I got the perfect combination and I was content for a few years. Then I inherited my brothers DVD player when he moved out and went to college (along w/ his room). I tried once, about a year ago to get it to work, but I just lacked the ability. I tried again an hour or two ago and after fiddling w/ some wires, station selection, video input, and a new set of batteries finally got it working. The resulting cable mess rivaling this.

Another component of this cable mess is everything I must hook up. In one outlet I have:
•air filter

In another:
•Phone Charger
•spot light charger

In another:
•window a/c unit

Last one:
•printer (non working, btw)
•wireless mouse reviever
•CD player

most of the time this stuff is off or out of the socket, but if I ever plugged everything up at once and turned everything on full blast I imagine I would trip the breaker. Hmmm... shall try that one lazy summer afternoon. Around 3:45 =P

People who know me are probably wanting to know, "Why 3:45, why not 3:42?" and I must respond to them w/, "B/C it happens at 3:45, not 3:42"


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