Sunday, June 6

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With Megan gone to tennis camp, life around here is just a tad more dull. The good news: I'm leaving for Cincinatti Thursday. More bad news: I'm leaving at the ungodly hour of A.M. More specifically 6 in the bloody morning. More good news: We're renting a large SUV to take up there. Thereby eliminating from this trip the smell of cigarettes that is found in my mom's van. Even more good news: I'll be back Sunday, the same day Meg gets back. Even more bad news: Meg leaves for Journalism camp Monday for an unkown amount of time (presumably b/t 3-4 days.) Even more good news: Then it's two week's till I go to to tennis camp. Even more good news:Then it's a week after tennis camp before I go to Raven Knob and get to pester Mark for what little time I will actually be at camp. I'm doing RAMPAGE this year, which is basically a bunch of "extreme" activities such as splunking, waterskiing, boating, rafting, etc. Hopefully though, I'll be able to check my email that Wednesday. *shrugs* I dunno.

To keep me busy this week I will finish up the troop's website. Tomorrow night I'll accost everyone in the troop and get the necessary information and take the necessary pictures. More stuff to keep me busy: I think my dad wants me to trim the fence line (btw, that = not good)

To recap:

  • Meg's gone to tennis camp

  • Thursday I leave for Cincinatti

  • Monday Meg leaves for journalism camp at UNC

  • Two weeks after Cincinatti, I'll be at tennis camp (the week before the 4th of July

  • The next week after I get back from tennis camp (the week after the 4th of July) I go to Raven Knob


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