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Saturday, June 12: Day 3

Again, from the laptop on the way home.

This morning I had French Toast, or should I say, Freedom Toast. No waffles =/

Today we went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base to see their museum and monuments. Lots of different, interesting ensignias. My favourite was the Beagle Squadron's. It was a beagle with a suit, tie, monocle, top hat and cane. He was leaning on a cane that was piercing a swastika and holding a wineglass that had a bare chested woman beside an olive. Oh, and I think he was smoking a cigar, too. I can't remember. Either that, or one with a devil surrounded by flames throwing a bomb like Zues would throw a lightening bolt. I can't remember which group it belonged to, though.

There were at least a hundred or two planes to look at. the earlier planes were very similar looking, but the earlier engines for those planes were beautiful and unique. Cause, I mean, there are only a couple of ways to do a biplane. The modern plane hanger was exceptional though. I was very dissappointed at the paint job of their one and only F16. It was a show plane. Painted gaudily for air shows and fly overs at sports stadium. I wanted to see it in steel grey showing its power and might, not its showmanship. Oh well. The SR-117 was a wicked, wicked plane. Fastest mass produced military plane there is. I mean, that thing was awesome. Looked a tiny bit like a space shuttle, but seeing how they fly in the upper limits of our atmosphere I can understand why. Another plane worthy of mention was the B2 bomber. Huge, absolutely fscking huge. Stealthy too. I wanted to find a tour guide to ask about the radar absorbing materials and angles, but one wasn't to be found =/

Their missile exhibit was down as a well, which was too bad because I wanted to see a Tomahowk and a Harpoon, but alas, that was not to happen.

From their we went to a dilappidating Wendy's. Or maybe they were just renovating, who knows. Then we went back to the room for a while and just chilled until we went to supper at Steak and Shake again. I got their Chicken Frisco Melt thingy. It was all right I reckon. And cheese fries!

Then to the room where we got some tennis racquets, tennis balls, and a basketball and we went out to their "sports court". Let me describe their sports court:

Piece of Shit. Let me explain the description of their sports court. It was in the size of a doubles tennis court, but instead of having a doubles court, they just bordered the singles court. The court itself was made of plastic. It had little square holes in the plastic so it would drain, but wouldn't bounce. I had to smash the ball with their shitty racquets to get it to bounce waist high. Now the racquets: shitty. Let me explain, one of the frames was snapped in half at the "Y". both of them needed restringing and the ball was flat. But it was fun anyway. Really it was. Though you may not be able to tell that by my pessimistic description. I was just describing the inhibitions that hindered our ability to have maximum fun. [laughs his ass off as he types this going down the road b/c his brother changed the channel to oldies where "Love Slap" is plaing] I forgot to mention that my brother and I went swimming before playing tennis.

We went in, watched Field of Dreams and went to sleep.


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