Sunday, June 13


Thursday, June 10: Day One

Today I have been in the Yukon for an ungodly amount of time. We left a little later than the original 6:00, but still, we left before 8. My little cubby in the Yukon wasn't that bad. With enough pillows and blankets I was able to create quite a comfortable corner. I read The Count of Monte Cristo, or as my brother so eloquently put it, "The Can of Moldy Cristo", to pass the time and I have to say, I absolutely love it. I loved the abridge version, though at the time i was reading it i was unaware that it was abridged, and the unabridged version is just as good, if not better, no wait, it is better. It's excellent. I recommend it to y'all; Meg, Mark, Jeremy: read it. Anyway, Virginia and West Virginia went by without a fuss, but not without a few tunnels, which seem to be illegal in North Carolina. *shrugs* Anyway, nothing happened until we got a little ways into Kentuck and decided to see the Kentucky Horse Park.

There, we saw, now get this, horses. Yep, at the horse park we saw horses. What got me was, everyone was calling it the "Kentucky Horse Farm" There was a sign on a barn that held plows, rakes, and other planting equipment that said, "Horse Farming Equipment" Now my mom made some stupid comment about what they had the equipment for and i said, "well since this is a horse farm, then i assume that this is for planting horse seeds taht they raise in a process called farming." Hm. Anyway, we went to this show of different breeds of the world and the most annoying woman was commentating. She wouldn't shut up and she went about the most stupid stuff in the most ignorant way possible. On a humourous side note: everyone of the female riders was named Megan. Well, either that, or I may want to go see a psychiatrist. There was some induction into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame that day for some unknown racehorse that we "attended" just long enough to get lemonade and cookies. It was supposed to start at 3:00, but at quarter after it was yet to start, so we just went to the "Hall of Champions" stable where all the former successful racehorses raised at the Kentuck Horse Farm are kept. Was funny-ish b/c they all had air conditioning in their stalls and velvet-ish halters. After we moved on i looked back and one of the horses, Cigar I think, was sticking his head out his window so i went over and petted him for a while, and he upon finally seeing I had no food tried to bite me. So, I popped his nose and he got a little upset so I just left him to his attendants. Geez, once those horses get famous it just goes straight to their heads, I tell ya. heheh. Anyway, we spent a coupla hours there and finally got in the car for Cincinatti. We're staying in a Residence Inn and Ronnie, Robin, and Dale (my uncle, aunt, and cousin) are staying in the Courtyard just up the road. Dale brought his XBox (bah) but the televisions are all A/V composite and his connecters are RGB. heheh after pouting for a while he declared he was hungry so we went to Applebees. it was horrible. I ordered Chicken Alfredo, a simple, simple dish. Somehow though, they fucked it up. It was cold and covered in tomatoes. I was tempted to send it back, but a)I was in the far corner of a very long booth at least 10 feet from where the waitress would stand if there was a waitress, but b) the waitress didnt come back for a while and I was pretty damned hungry, so i picked through the tomatoes and made the most of it. was fun though, everyone was picking on dale who's in college. Came back played some spades, they left for their hotel and we retired. Though, with my brother and Jamye with one room and my parents with one, i was forced onto the tiny little couch in our room, which wasnt so bad, if only we had some sheets. My dad called room service for some linens and he eventually had to go get them himself. Then at around 12:30 (we called at 11) they woke us up when the knocked on the door bringing our sheets. The good news: we got thirty dollars off our bill because of the wait. Ok, I must get off the laptop now, batteries are dying.


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