Thursday, June 17


Today we had eye exams at drivers' ed. i got restricted to my glasses while driving. I think by one letter. It was a D or an O, and I just couldn't tell. That really really sucks. And I don't want any comments from you guys. none. Save them. cause, dammit, I don't need them to see road signs and whatnot. I can see the signs fine in plenty of time to react to whatever the signs says. ><;;

Thinking about though, the 2 years of infraction free driving shouldn't be too hard because I'll be at NCSSM those two years, and I'll only be home 1/4 of the time. heheh. Oh, I might be at NCSSM, there. Happy Meg?

My mom and dad had a meeting with Ms. George today. It was about my classes, scheduling, and some problems with my transcript. Apparently, although I've taken Algebra II and there were the test scores for my Algebra I exam, I still need to take Algebra I for some Govenors college thing or whatever, I dunno. They got my money clip for me, which surprisingly, still had my money in it. w007.

Ooops... I got caust at Albino Blacksheep =(
This was funny though


Today the dealership delivered my mom's Odyssey. I like it. Almost anything is better than the ashtray, er...Caravan.


And today I've worked worked outside for three hours or so. Weedeating the fenceline, which is just taking the weed eater (not to insult y'all's intelligence, but some of you might not know what these things
here ya go)

I had to use that to cut weeds from under the fence for about a mile, maybe a tad bit less. Then I had to do some lawn work, like moving the hoses so my dad could mow, picking up sticks, then putting them all back when he's finished. Trivial, but time consuming since I must wait on him. Then I had to take care of our sick horse Sugarfoot. She's not sick per se, but she has a gigantic gash on her leg that's in a very awkward spot, because it's way up on her leg, around her thigh, so we can't wrap it up and wish it well. We have to clean it out and put iodine on it and massage it with water. It's getting better though. I also got to fling some shit today! Oh boy! Cleaning the stalls can be SO much fun. ><;

So I finally get in around 9:00 -ish, but wait, I'm not done yet. My dad's on the computer, so I cut my hair, and when I finish that, he's in the shower, but my mom's on the computer, and when I finally get a shower and I am clothed I can get on the computer around 9:30-ish.

And I've been fscking around on the comp ever since. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm giong to bed. Good night.


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