Tuesday, June 1

Tuesday, the first real day of summer vacation

I need something to keep my feeble, easily distracted mind busy, that's why I'm working on a website for my Boy Scout troop on Geocities. Shut up Mark, nobody asked you, it's free. I'll give y'all the link as it nears completion, b/c as of right now, it's a complete embarassment. Hopefully, I can get some ideas later own, after the tears in y'all's eyes from laughing dry up.

I just finished some masonry yesterday. My dad is having me build a little "landing" at the bottom of the steps leading off the back deck. I have one of them done, but still need to do it for the other step. I swear, if he gives me another project to do, then right about the time I finish comes up and makes a suggestion, then proceed to ruin my work, and say, "Ya know, I liked your way better." then walk off, I will go officially insane, certificate and everything.

My dad has also supplied me with several "projects" he wants me to do. Such as, painting the porch, painting the stairs that lead off from his bedroom, and painting the door external door frames. Sounds a lot like "chores" to me. Hmm. I'm building a trebuchet in there at some point, and will probably have a cookout or something to celebrate, I don't know. I think I'll work on these "projects" while my gf is away, thus relieving some of the boredom that is sure to result.

Add to that, I'm going to Cincinatti, tennis camp*, Raven Knob, drivers' ed., the beach at some point, and one week my sister (and family) will be coming up from Texas. Something tells me though, at around 3:45 every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I will be bored out of my mind, if only for health reasons. Nothing ever happens at quarter till 4. It's like the world stands still.

*Ah well, this absolutely sucks. Session 4 at Brenda's is sold out. I'm still in, but this means the place is going to be packed. Damn =\. Oh well, shall still be fun.

Hm. Just realized I still haven't told y'all about myself. I figured anyone reading this would know me already, and that's probably true. Hmm. Shall save that post for one rainy 3:45.


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