Thursday, September 30

Things are going to hell faster than cow shit attracts flies

Hypocricy surrounds me, insecurity engulfs me, and confusion consumes me.

My life seems to be spiraling down the shitter in a blur of piss, toilet paper, and tidy bowl.

One of my closest friends has tried for the past 2 months to alienate themselves from me, or maybe to alienate me from themself. I'm on the verge of giving in and moving on. I don't need this crap. Normally I woulnd't give a damn, and quite frankly, if it were anyone else I wouldn't. But at one time I knew taht together we were happy. Together we each trusted the other (something that was hard for both of us). They were, in essence, my best friend. Now, they're pushing me away with apathy and indifference. They're pushing me further and furhter from their social circle, hoping that I will step out or be pushed out. I think they will win, unless I can be assured otherwise.

With this change in social atmosphere, I find myself without friends. Sure, I have a few people at lunch that I debate the surreal in true geek fashion. Sure, I have a couple online acquantences (though these are fastly replacing any remains of my social life outside of my home). But I have noone with whom to share my thoughts with as of now.

Why the human is a social animal I don't know. We're not adapted very well for this purpose, we're full of greed, malice, and corruption, but for some reason we're not content with brewing in our own bile, but we must infect others. That being said, I still want someone to talk to, someone to hold, and someone to share my inner thoughts with. It perplexes me to think that humans who want to be loved and received make it extremely hard for others to do so.

Either way, I must yet again truncate another post because of this accursed bedtime.

Monday, September 27

I'd like to make a comment...

And I will, because this is my blog. Not yours. As a matter of fact, I'm not quite sure why I even told y'all I wanted to make a comment. It's not as if your opinion matters in my decision of making comments.

Uhm.... Right. So....

My town's newspaper, aside from teh typos and discrepencies (and any asshole that wants to point out my typo, yes, the one in front of typo, can meet me in the woodshed outback), has become so fucked up as to not warrant description. But, since, as you all know, I'm a rebel, I'll describe it for you anyway. And if time permits, I'll post my own thoughts about it.

First, we're a city newspaper. Alright, no big deal. But the front page of our sports section is littered with county scores. Most often it is North Surry's latest defeat adourning our paper. But that's not what has me riled up. More specifically, it's the people associated with the paper.

You know who you are. And you know you're arguments are false and pointless. I know you didn't want to write it, but either way, this idiocy has to stop.

Of course everyone can see it. Of course it will be on the harddrives of blogger, Google, and Yahoo until the end of an age.....

gotta go... finish letter.

Sunday, September 26

Because the Pope is incompetent

How it really should've happened:

Thomas Jefferson says:
*runs scepter up pope's ass*

Pope John Paul II [Jake: its all an imagination of my figment] says:

Thomas Jefferson says:
*slaps the Pope's member*

Thomas Jefferson says:
put your pants back on

Thomas Jefferson says:
now YOU know how it feels

Pope John Paul II [Jake: its all an imagination of my figment] says:
*sends you to hell*



Maddie will vouch for me, though, vouching is hardly needed. That situation is impossible. For him to have checkmated me there, there wouldv'e been so many friggin stalemates leading up to that.

Edit: Originally, I linked to the comments, so after it said "FILTHY LIES" it went to my comments, soooo... i'll just change that now

Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
i know
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
well hey
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
imma go take a shower
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
and all that good stuff
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
after that, wanna play some
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
yes, clean teh STENCH of those LIES off your body
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
one or two games
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
*the Pope has left the building*
Opgeven - "Jeremy: oh screw you, i'm the pope e.e" says:
fuck you :)
MUtizen [Blog Updated] says:
: D

Saturday, September 25

President of the Anarchy Club!

You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(78% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Shoot! so close to being an anarchist, too!

Call me ¿Thomas Jefferson? Oh I don't know. Just call me Donald Sandler then.

Tuesday, September 21

Call me Donatello

And a happy 15th birthday to Maddie. May your life be long and full of caffeine.

Sunday, September 19

For the addicted

You're getting jipped. Think of how much more energy there could be in an Ultraviolet Bull!

Personally, I'm looking for Gamma Bulls. They aren't widely carried though =(

Ok, well, due to size limits just click on the comic.

Saturday, September 18

Wheee!!! T-shirt/sticker image splurge!

Hopefully you'll soon see me in these fine shirts. And uh, see these fine stickers, uhm... on my binders!


My *shudder* paper so far. bleh

Honors English II – I
September 30th, 2004

The Internet and Our Rights:
A Look into the Regulation of the Internet

Contrary to the popular belief that the Internet is a modern, fresh idea, the earliest form of the Internet appeared in 1969 in a computer network called ARPAnet. ARPAnet was a network connecting 4 major colleges in the California area. With the sponsorship of the United States government, UCLA, UC Santa Barbra, the University of Utah, and the Stanford Research Institute established the first computer network. Networking, though, was not a new idea. One early network everyone is familiar with is the telephone system.
The Internet differs from telephones in that the Internet is a “packet switching” network. A packet switching network is one that gathers information into groups called packets. Telephones use strings of data to send information between parties. And while the telephone once limited calls to only two parties, packets enable the Internet to connect to several different hosts.
There is a mysterious aura surrounding the Internet, but in fact, its structure is quite simple. Internet Service Providers, or ISPs, connect you to this network over the phone lines or satellite links, and from there you are free to visit websites. These websites are, to put it simply, files saved on the host’s computers. In these files are images, text, and hyperlinks leading to other files on other computers or on the same computer. These files have many different forms and uses. Some of the most common uses of this vast network of networks are gathering, sharing, and publishing information, selling and purchasing wares, playing games and other entertainments, and chatting.

The Internet is known for its innumerable sites containing eye catching flash graphics, funny jokes, goofy games, and any other of a million fun things found on the Internet. Games are a common form of Internet entertainment. These games can be found at such sites as and There, small, arcade style games are embedded into the web page. Playing these games runs the risk of receiving viruses and other harmful scripts hidden in their code, but they are easily stopped by the browser’s security settings. When users go to sites they know might contain harmful scripts it’s up to them to protect themselves from malicious scripts.
By having an up to date anti-viral software and strong personal firewall, users will be able to stop most harmful programs. One example of how the government has helped users safeguard their computer against viruses hidden in web pages was when the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team suggested that users using Internet Explorer (the most popular browser) disable ActiveX and use a different web browser. ActiveX is a HTML rendering machine that is easily manipulated into running harmful scripts. Of course, cracking and hacking are illegal, and that’s the way it should be. That doesn’t mean the government has the authority to impose other forms of regulation on the entertainment industry of the Internet. The user must recognize and accept the risk of visiting these types of sites. It is up to the users to educate themselves and to protect themselves from malicious crackers when they browse the Internet for their own entertainment.
One of the most controversial topics of the Internet is the thriving pornography industry. With as few as 4 clicks a child can access pornography on the net

Very, very choppy. I'm not in a writing mood, but write I must ;.;

Friday, September 17


Ivan is gonna do a Crazy Ivan! I knew this was a Russian hurricane.

Wednesday, September 15

The perfect ending, to a perfect day.

Blogger just refreshed itself in the middle of my post. For those of y'all unfamilar with what this does, it resets your "Create Post" form. Now, this wouldn't be such a bad thing if I hadn't been typing a several thousand word post about my life and problems with it (even better was the fact that i was almost finished with it). so now i'm going to go do something else cause i'm just feeling too fucking splendiferous to waste my time on the computer.

Sunday, September 12

I hate masonry


Gah, have been doing that all weekend for 3 weekends now. I'm done, finally. And I'm $300 richer for all of it, but, I don't know if it was worth it. At least that's my DVD-r/w CD+r/w for my laptop.


I've been making fun of people tonight. It feels good to be bitter and cynical. really does. It's a nice change of pace from slightly upbeat and apathetic.

Anyway, off to bed now, for my parents shall try to erase any original thoughts from my head tomorrow when they drag me to church.

Saturday, September 11

Y'all don't remember me

But I used to post here.

Oh, and wouldn't you know it. Directly after I said I like the Georgia font, they gid rid of it. *sigh* *digs up HTML tags*

Ok, Yaay.

I met up with Maddie at the Good Life tonight. Quite fun actually, all we did was walk around downtown, make fun of people, and harass Matt. Well, I suppose the last bit could be considered making fun of people, but Matt is special, so he'll get his own little section of the sentence.

Megan and Rob were also supposed to be there, but Megan was apparently grounded for staying up too late talking to Holden, and Rob is too busy "Chillin' At The Lake ;)"

My Geek Code:

Version: 3.1
GCS/E/L/M/S d? s:- a--- C++>C++++ L+>L+++ W+++ w+>w--- !M>M++ PS+++(--) PE t X tv>!tv B++++ DI++ D---- G+ e->e*>e+++++ h!>h r%(--) y-

Monday, September 6

Gym can wait, Mathturbate!

So uh... yeah. I'm back-ish, but with nothing really to say.

Meg and I are no longer together. I'm now in the tenth grade. I'm in desperate need of money for a new laptop. I have glasses that I pretty much wear all the time now.

I don't like my English teacher or my Pre-Cal teacher. My biology teacher is great, and I have nothing against my Civics teacher.

I've taken driver's ed. I get my permit in 3 weeks. I really like this font compared to the other one.

I've made new frinds: Maddie and Meghan.

My phone didn't turn out to well because the tape was pourous and allowed some paint to go through, and it left a sticky residue on the plastic.


Ivan - Gym can wait, Mathturbate! says: is math not good enough for you? *sniff*
Maddie says: well
Maddie says: on the subject of biology
Maddie says: ya know
Maddie says: biology kinda goes against math you know why
Ivan - Gym can wait, Mathturbate! says: I KNOW
Ivan - Gym can wait, Mathturbate! says: b/c mulitplication and division are the same thing
Maddie says: cause division and multipliacation are the same