Monday, September 6

Gym can wait, Mathturbate!

So uh... yeah. I'm back-ish, but with nothing really to say.

Meg and I are no longer together. I'm now in the tenth grade. I'm in desperate need of money for a new laptop. I have glasses that I pretty much wear all the time now.

I don't like my English teacher or my Pre-Cal teacher. My biology teacher is great, and I have nothing against my Civics teacher.

I've taken driver's ed. I get my permit in 3 weeks. I really like this font compared to the other one.

I've made new frinds: Maddie and Meghan.

My phone didn't turn out to well because the tape was pourous and allowed some paint to go through, and it left a sticky residue on the plastic.


Ivan - Gym can wait, Mathturbate! says: is math not good enough for you? *sniff*
Maddie says: well
Maddie says: on the subject of biology
Maddie says: ya know
Maddie says: biology kinda goes against math you know why
Ivan - Gym can wait, Mathturbate! says: I KNOW
Ivan - Gym can wait, Mathturbate! says: b/c mulitplication and division are the same thing
Maddie says: cause division and multipliacation are the same


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