Friday, October 8

Carnival! {car - NAY - vall}

No no, not the day before lent. Silly Catholics

Today was just so fucking splendiferous to defy words.

But my ability to describe stuff is so great as to defy splendiferousity.

6 friggin' 30 a.m. is an ungodly hour anyday, let alone friday, let alone a day without school, let alone the start of a festival of grand(ish) preportions. But, by the time I regestered my alarm clock is making it's grating "errrrr errrrr" I knew I couldn't escape this hellish day.

Now answer me this if you can: what's worse than going to the dentist in the bloody a.m.?
Going to the dentist in the a.m. with dry, cracked lips; waiting for an hour; then waiting another 30 minutes for x-rays you didn't even know you had to have.

Next riddle: what's worse than being stabbed?
Being stabbed 3 times and having jello injected into your arm each time, then waiting for thirty minutes afterwards just to make sure you don't die from it.

Then Wendy's. Wendy's was good. Really good.

Tip for eating at Wendy's

  • Order off of the dollar menu

    • 2 Junior Bacon Cheeseburgers

    • 2 Chicken Nugget things

    • Fries

    • Water\drink with free refils

    • Total:$5

    • Summary: More food than the value meals at teh same price

  • Don't make eye contact

  • Don't look at teh bottom of the me

  • Sit at a table, not a booth. Tables are cleaner and provide easy exit in case of a gang war

Then I got to go do Tech Support for my mother at my father's friend Bud's house. Joy. She works there as an accountant for his "duct work" business.

Dunno. All I know is I was forced to fsck around with windows to fix her wireless access problems. There was no payment for my services. (well, unless you count the fact that they room, board, and feed me) So, I just kept the damned thing and surfed all afternoon, all the while listening to CNN bitch and bitch.

Then to World Market to search for my Bawls. No luck. Though, I did find quite a few other caffeinated necessities.

Then home. Yay. But not for long. Boo.

Off to the Festival of Autumn Leaves! Joy! Which, would've actually been extremely fun and all that (presumabley) if Maddie had been there. Instead she was sick, so, I guess she's forgiven ( =P )

So I stood beside Brad on a street corner as he played "Army" -Ben Folds Five. As the social situation unfolds itself I find myself with Alexander and Katelyn. An odd trio, if I do say so myself. And I do. Alexander leaves, I leave, other people leave. And I came away one barbecue sandwhich, 2 frisbees, and one funnel cake richer.

Ending up here, with nothing to do, noone to talk to. Minus Rob, who has yet again, somehow, miraclously, shed an insightful light into a deep, dark topic. Whoo. Go Rob. "Shibby"

Oh, I made a new CD for the day. Quite a good one. Though, all you bastards will care to disagree.

  1. Cocaine(live) - Eric Clapton - 7:49

  2. Too Many Hands - The Eagles - 4:42

  3. Promises - Eric Clapton - 3:02

  4. Layla - Eric Clapton - 7:08

  5. Journey of the Sorcerer - The Eagles - 6:40

  6. Visions - The Eagles - 4:00

  7. After the Thrill is Gone - The Eagles - 3:58

  8. Life in the Fast Lane - The Eagles - 4:48

  9. Cocaine(live) - Eric Clapton - 7:49

  10. I'm Fat - Weird Al Yankovich - 3:39

  11. Legs - ZZ Top - 4:33

  12. Eat it - Weird Al Yankovich - 3:16

  13. Layla - Eric Clapton - 7:08

  14. Cocaine(live) - Eric Clapton - 7:49

Songs that didn't make the CD:

  • What if God Smoked Cannabis - Weird Al

  • Army - Ben Folds Five

  • Good Day in Hell - The Eagles (Because I didn't have it ;.;) If you have it, please Gmail it to me ;.;

  • And a few others too numerous to name

Time to go sleep now, though, as I have said before, "Sleep is for the weak" or possibly it was "Sleep is for the week" . Either way, by my own logic I should not sleep yet. At least not till another.....2 mintues or so......before it becomes the weekend.

*stalling* *stalling*

Ok, cy'all.


Blogger Maddie said...



And besides, you don't want to catch my sickness.

October 9, 2004 at 12:33 PM  
Blogger Gil said...

heh. If anyone has that song, gmail it to me as well, Jake knows my gmail. Ah, hell, i'll post it so everyone who sees this can send me something - but no porn. I'll know your IP address. o.o ph34r

October 9, 2004 at 1:04 PM  

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