Sunday, October 24

Concerning Distric Flags and Fall Camporees [updated]

Disregarding my usuall "style" of writing, I think I'll just list what happened this weekend.

Friday, went camping with the Boy Scouts. We had to carry everything down there we needed for the District campsite contest thingy. Basically we had to build a model campsite and it's in essence a bunch of bullshit, anal retentive shit that really doesn't need to be done. But, we do it anyway. (already you can tell this is gonna be a positive and uplifting post, right?)

blahblahblah, someone tells me to go the wrong direction on teh compass course, we end up at least 5 miles off course and at a general store called Priddy's. They're giving away free fries, and since teh guy in charge of the compass course said, "If you consume anything on the trail, bring me the wrapper. If you get a drink from priddy's, i want teh can. If you get a candy bar, i want the wrapper.", we gave him teh bowl. He didn't say anything about french fries but I assume they applied as well. heh

We lost teh competition b/c some dumbass, i want say names *COUGHDAVISCOUGH*, put the latrine right on teh fucking river. taht was a hundred points, and we would've won with them =
Oh well.

all in all a good weekend..ish.. yeah.. right not at all. I almost lost my retainer and i'm sure i had a minor concousion from hiting the fucking trailer door, and i'm damn well sure my shin is broken, but i'm gonna say it isn't anyway, b/c it doesn't hurt anymore.


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