Saturday, October 9

In response to Skooma's comment... the previous update. Blogger comments don't recognize the [ul] tag, and plus, the general readers should know about my desired system so they can get an idea of how much money they need to give me.

Dell can go fuck themselves in a flaming fireball over a cliff.

I'm thinking HP, Sony, or Toshiba.

My desired specs:

  • 1 gig of RAM

  • 1.7+ ghz AMD processor


  • Floppy drive

  • 30-ish gig harddrive

  • Small-ish screen (no 17"-ers)

  • Something with Microsoft office. *shudder* But I'll need it at NCSSM

  • Port Replicator


Blogger Mark said...

What, no WiFi jake - you loose your geek points.

That aside smart specs. Just a few things Get RAM from a 3rd party, or else you'll pay out the ass for it. WTF do you need to burn DVDs on the go. Spend $30 fitting a DVD burner to a desktop and spend the $200 bucks you save on something else. Even an external will save you a a good chunk of change Floppy drive, with an optical drive give me a break, aside from inept school districts and die hard DOS users who the hell needs a floppy drive. HD, good enough choice, but usually its only 20 bucks more to get a 40 GB and $60 more for a 60 - compared to replacing the drive its a smart buy. Screen, also smart, people don't realize that that they're just paying for larger pixels (most of the time)

The one thing people really forget about is size and weight, and the feel of the keyboard. Try out any system before you buy. 8 lbs may not sound bad but if you're going to carry it around a pound or two can make a world of difference.

And if you want cheap, you're looking at the wrong vendors. dell is the cheapest on the PC side, but Apple is even less (fact, not opinion).

October 9, 2004 at 8:52 PM  
Blogger Ivan said...

WiFi is an automatic. I felt no reason to list it.

Floppy for NCSSM. You know they're gonna want a floppy drive. meh. Beats turning in your whole 128m USB key for that English project though.

Duly noted about teh DVD burner. But, I'll need a CD burner anyway, because it'll be my only compie at NCSSM and I'll prolly be making shitloads of CDRs for music. Though, I might just get an MP3 player with the money I save on generic RAM. Also, duly noted.

Thank you for a truly insightful and non trollish post. I'm touched.

October 9, 2004 at 9:00 PM  
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