Saturday, October 9

Work -> $$$ = ^_^


Work != ^_^

Scrapping paint of the porch so I can paint it. How redundantly stupid. Then I had to straighten up the wires behind the computer so that we can take down wallpaper and put up more wallpaper. Now, I had to straighten the wires to hang wallpaper because my Dad couldn't stand to look at it.


But there're steaks for dinner! ^_^

And money to come soon! ^_^

Which means I'll be well fed and have a laptop! ^_^


Blogger Gil said...

When you're ready to buy your laptop, PLEASE for the love of God ask my opinion. And go dell, even if you hate it, cause you get more bang for your buck.

October 9, 2004 at 6:06 PM  

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